Why You Should Incorporate Your Casual Life into Your Platform

If you’re like me and you’ve pursued a business that usually requires
a blog…Or you doing something that doesn’t truly line up with
your casual Time…

Wouldn’t it be cool to try to make your business more fun?

If your casual time is the joy of your day instead of your work then
you got problems! The joy should be in your work but if you’re like
“ugh…I gotta do some work today” every time, then that’s no way to live.

Now I’m not saying that work is going to be fun all the time.

But it’s cool to inject some casual stuff in there at times. Things you actually love but sometimes are meant to be a negative in the eyes of the “Lifestyle Kings”.

  • So what if you like T.V…right?!
  • Or so what if you enjoy watching football!
  • Or so what if you are a gamer for life!?
  • Or you love to try out new apps on your devices…(this is mine)

These are also things you love to do. They’re cool as long as you
know how to use it for your good. So I’m here early in the morning,
thinking about what I missed the most.

  • Yes I do love T.V. 
  • I love to try out new apps! 
  • I love football and March Madness and my Bruins and Red Sox! Celtics…eh? 
  • I’m not a big gamer so I can’t claim that.

But here’s where I’m getting at…

Why not let the casual side of you come out in your business as well.
If you’re a solopreneur or a small company. Unshell that thing.
Break it open and let people know what you love to do in your spare time.

This is where you can really have some fun in your blog posts because
it will be so easy to write about it. Now you would have to make it relevant
still to the content of your business.

Just look at the few examples in my past articles or my upcoming ones.

This is the start of me injecting some fun into the blog. And it’s been
missing for awhile because I thought that I couldn’t put it into this
same category of content. But there’s always a way around anything.

So here’s how unshelled will evolve.

I like new things…

I use to have this on my old twitter description. I took it off and put
up something more, I guess, professional or whatevah. But guess what?

I still like new things.

So how do I spin it to make it work with unshelled?

Pay attention because this is good stuff I’m teaching now.

Here’s how I will do it for my site…

Original Intent for Unshelled:

Be a hub for those who can’t break out of their shell. Help
them breakthrough personally and financially…life and in business.

Evolved Intent for Unshelled:

Still be a hub for those wishing to break through their shells.
But now, we are a hub that creates new things. We will create
applications, products and services to help startups standout and become unshelled.

We are a hub that reviews new apps, books, products and services
just breaking new ground to help get them standout. So we will be a
help to others who are taking the shell off of their new things.

This is not a necessarily new concept but it will be something I enjoy doing. And thus infuse some coolness into the business. I don’t want to have the same concept of just hammering away at folks with self-help on every post.

There has to be some variables to every business (I learned that from Nir Eyal). And this is also a way to keep people coming back.

I have a passion for trying to out new things. I just love it!

I search for new products, apps, devices, services. You name it! If it’s new, I’m interested. And it’s a way to give back to those who, I know, work hard to breakthrough and give their all to seeing their applications launch into the market.

This too is unshelled.

And wouldn’t you just know it…this little bit of content you’re reading was so easy to write, I didn’t feel any angst in getting it done.

Yes, there are times when I agonize over the usual, unshelled, motivational stuff. I admit it. It can be a burden at times to making sure you get it. But doing a review of something will bring out a different type of writing for me.

It will be a departure from the norm. A mini vacation so to speak and will turn the casual things I love into something great for my platform. And you may see a slight T.V. show review here or there but only if I can spin it in the right way that makes sense.

So let me be clear about this one thing before I finish this post…

You can incorporate your casual play into your business but only if you spin it the right way.

I don’t want to see random posts from you review some mobile game you like just because……and that’s it!

NO….there has to be a purpose that fits your platform.

I will review apps that will be beneficial to helping people on a personal level and a business level. I won’t be reviewing random games or anything that doesn’t fit unless I can build up the creators in these cases. It has to fit within the framework of the platform.

Everything I do will try to help the creatives of the world be recognized for their work. And if I can’t do that, then it will act contrary to what I’m trying to do with my company. So please try do the same if you can.

Spin it the right way to make sure your brand isn’t misdirected.…can you find some ways to infuse some fun into your lifestyle business? Can you bring your casual play into light to help grow your audience? Please share or just say Yes in the comments if I’ve got you thinking. Cool?

Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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