The Pitfalls of Living an Uneventful Life

Living under a shell most of my life has taught some very huge life lessons. Being comfortable with being alone and non-social was the “OK” thing to do for most of my years. Well at least until now…

I can see the errors to living in this manner. I left out a whole lifetime of opportunity skipping events that could have made a big difference in my life. I always thought that I could get by without going out and networking.

Besides, I’m not the “Outgoing Type”!

That’s what I would say to myself believing those were the cards I was dealt. Networking was not for me. It would just be my crutch.

Looking back I can see how much further along I would be if… I just took that leap of faith….and gone to some of these events.

  • How many people of influence would I know now?
  • How many partners would I have in my life?
  • How many inspiring stories could I share?
  • How many learning experiences would I have?

Instead I can say that outside of a few occasions, I’ve lived a rather uneventful life.

  • I have stories but not enough.
  • I know some influential people but I don’t know them well enough
  • I have some learning experiences (we all have), but not enough
  • I don’t have any partners at all which I will rectify soon enough

The only thing that can cure this uneventful life of mine is to put more events in it. I never used to want to go anywhere since I didn’t have anything going on. I felt a bit intimidated but screw that now!

I’m going regardless but…And this a Big But…!

This time I’ll come bringing something to the table. 

There is nothing worse than going to what is basically a networking event looking like a newbie! This is a no-no unless you are going to a workshop event where it is assumed that you are a newbie. Otherwise, don’t go to an event without some type of business or project in place.

Now…I’ve gone a bit off track (as I often do), because you are here to learn about the pitfalls of living an uneventful life…Yes?

So here they are…


1. You’ll Miss Critical Learning Experiences

This should be a no-brainer but just in case it isn’t…you will definitely learn something going to any event. You will learn from the speakers at these events. You’ll learn from the people around you at these events. And you’ll also learn from yourself and how you interact with others.

So you should get some information from the people holding the event. Then hopefully the speakers at these events can provide the “homerun” speech you need.

And you’ll be surprised with the information you can learn from the people in the seats next to you. There is a ton of information you can obtain from the folks that aren’t on the platform.

This was and is so true for me being a part of the Live Your Legend group here in Boston. We don’t have speakers per say but the value really comes from the individual minds across the board. There are smart people all around you that may not be on the stage. And I can vouch for the smart people in my group. They have meant the world to me.

I encourage everyone to join a local meeting group of some kind. It can really be a game-changer to gather this type of invaluable information for free!

And lastly, you will learn from yourself how you interact with other like minds. It won’t be so hard or out of reach as being online.

Online connections are good.
But offline connections will always be Better!

2. You’ll Miss Key Networking Partners

When you go to events, it goes without saying that…

  • You’ll obtain friends. That’s a given.
  • You’ll meet influential people that will be open to talking to you. That’s a given.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to partner up with someone you truly connect with, and yep…that’s also a given.

These are all facts. It’s been proven by not only me but countless others. But you won’t get any partners like this if you don’t go! And this is by far, the easiest way to get this done. Go to these events…But…just make sure you are bringing something to it!

Don’t come looking like a newbie with nothing to benefit anyone. You’ll miss key networking partners that way too. Because if you can’t benefit them, they probably won’t be bothered with you.

This is real talk! And that’s also your final warning.

3. You’ll Feel Like Your in The Arena

So most people will not think of going to these events. Perhaps they’ll see it as a waste of time and money. Funny…that’s what I used to think. But when you go, you’ll realize that you are in an exclusive club. The people who don’t go, usually have to wait longer to get ahead.

The influential people will recognize and trust you cuz they’ve seen you! You won’t have send a beggar’s email to try and get your products promoted. You won’t have to petition to get your books reviewed. And you won’t have to pay for just some simple advice.

You have a silly question?

How much better would it be to have it answered by key people in the know. Is it priceless?

Well close enough. But you’ll feel like you’re in the arena…as if you’ve finally arrived. And that’s a win-win on your psyche any day of the week!

In Summary…

Stop living an uneventful life. Go to as many events you can walk, drive or fly to every year. At least until you have that foot in the door. Search online and put some events on the calendar now. Register on Meetup and find a local community.

But get out of your comfort zoneget out of your shelland live an eventful life. You’ll never regret the day you did.

Now…if you have a great story about an event your life that has changed you, please comment. And I’ll throw in some of my own stories after you! Cool?

Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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