The Community

We Grow When You Grow…
“The thought of doing this alone was, well…silly.  The people have spoken and it turns out that…We need you!”

We can’t go it alone. Nothing can be done alone. So if we’re gonna do this thing, we need smart, unique, creative and passionate people to build this community the right way.

So that means YOU…yeah YOU.

You are the only one qualified for the job. We know that you can contribute in a big way so I guess we are soliciting your talents. We know you got skills, so why not put them to use here.

This is your opportunity…You’re on the Ground Floor of something Huge Baby!

I jest of course. We are quite in our infancy. Quite! But I’m looking for a few good people to interact, share and grow something unique. It’s going to be a place where we knock out all of our barriers so we can get to a place of fulfilling our dreams.

This is for the creatives. Those who have great ideas, services and products but haven’t quite gotten over the hump for true success. This is for the people who have been on other communities and been lost in the shuffle. I don’t want you to be lost again. I want you to be noticed.

                    We Say:
Person First, Lifestyle Second.

So the aim is to build up the person first as the root of your business. Because the business can’t be something that makes you better. You have to change yourself a bit then you can build a business or lifestyle that absolutely rocks!

Here’s how we do this…

  • We will share and share often.
  • Make each other accountable and help each other grow each and every week.
  • Support each other without fail through the good and the bad
  • Help each other break through our individual barriers.

And I know how much of a tall order this may be for you. But I know you have the stuff! You’ve got what it takes and it’s finally time to get it done. Starting this year…2014!

So are you in?

Ah…C’mon and get in here anyway and let’s see what we can build together!

Besides, we can’t grow unless you grow. You will be our responsibility. We will put that upon our shoulders and back it up by helping you in every way possible.

So sign up now and let’s create something special. It’s gonna be pretty cool…

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