Taking Tests is Not a Necessary Evil…It’s A Necessary Good

We all grew up and got whooshed into school. Most of us at the kindergarten age of 5 but some of us start even earlier than that. We are infused in the reality that tests should be a normal way of life for us. No matter how we felt as youngsters about tests…

  • We knew they were coming after so many classes.
  • We knew we would have to study for them.
  • We knew we had to get prepared for them.
  • We knew we had to take them for an hour or so each time.
  • And We knew we had to wait to get graded on them.

What kinda  life was this anyway? Was it Necessary…?

Well this was life for us for the better part of 18 years.
Include college and then you have another 4 to 8 years depending on your choice of study. And maybe another few years of Masters or Doctorate studies.

For years and years and years…you have what can only be described as the dreaded test!

Another Test!

Oh…and God forbid if you are apart of any competitive sports or competitive activity period.

You get tested everyday by your coaches. You get on the field of play which is a test every time against your opponent. Or perhaps you’re involved in something that’s involves judges like gymnastics, ice skating, etc.

Talk about pressure!

Seems like a lot of work.

A lot of suffering.

A lot of effort and practice.

And why did we put ourselves through so much?



Tests were usually a Necessary Good for us to Reach Our Goals.


Taking tests or going through tests in life usually sparks a negative connotation. As if we can’t stand going through them anymore.

But if you are able to put this all in perspective for a moment it should resonate with you in a better and more powerful way.


That tests have always been an ACCEPTED part of your life for years.


So you can learn and grow to be useful and beneficial to society.

It was meant to make you successful later in your life as you embark on a career. Ultimately have a life that is something to be proud of…

So you have your grades. And there’s been a lot of back in forth about grades but what is the telling sign of grades?

  • It shows how well you are at taking tests.
  • How prepared you are at getting through tests.
  • How much effort you put into passing and excelling at taking tests.
  • How much practice you put into getting that high score.

Of course, it may not always measure your heart.


There’s a lot of good people out there. There’s not a lot of good people that excel at getting through tests.

You can have a good heart which I’m sure you do. But that says nothing about your ability to do what it takes to succeed in a competitive field.

And this is why I say the Test is NOT a necessary evil…it’s a Necessary Good.

I often listen to church folks say that they are going through tests in trials. And the context is that it’s a burden for them. Something that they’re going through.

And believe me, I’m not saying they aren’t going through stuff. I’m sure they are.

What I am saying is that they should embrace them. Take them. Take the test.

Because usually the next words out of their mouths are… “Tests there to make me stronger…” And I believe this to be a true statement.


What We have to Get
Good at is Mastering
Our Test Taking

Figure out how to get through them just how we did when were younger. Now if you’re still in school as you read this…then you should already be ahead of the game.

But it’s really all about the basics of what worked for us back then. Apply that today to our lives now.

Let’s say you have a start up business.

The test is to get it up and running first of all.
Find a product or service to sell.
Get advertising and promotion.
And build your audience.


If you’re trying to make your start up business work, do what it takes to get it done.

So what did you do as a student?

  • Got the books out and studied-Research Your Market
  • Completed your homework-Look for Solutions from the Market and create a Product of Service they want.
  • Found out what was exactly on the test you were taking-Build Your Audience by finding the people interested in your product or service.
  • I can’t really match advertising and promotion with something but…it has something to do with raising your hand and getting your teacher’s attention. Something to give you that edge as I eluded to before.

This is a business example. But you can find a way to match what you did most of your early life in test taking to whatever you’re trying to change today.

In Summary

Expect tests to come…
Embrace taking tests…
Master taking tests through life and business…

Make taking tests a Necessary Good.

Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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