2 thoughts on “How to Breakthrough When You Just Don’t Feel Like It”

  1. Great post Bryan. I’m glad to hear you made it to the event after all and it was worth the time. For me, every event that I commit to I never want to feel like I “have” to go. I definitely don’t “have” to go, it’s more that I want to go and I chose to go. Just the words “have to” makes me want to rebel and not go. In addition, every event I attend I always wonder beforehand who will be there and who I will meet whose life I can and will positively impact. It’s an opportunity for me to make a difference in someone’s life. In the words of the great Jim Rohn, it is only by giving that we are able to receive more than we already have.

    1. I understand what you mean by it being better that you should want to go. The fact is that you don’t always feel this way. Sure you want to do it but you may not want to do it at the particular time. ☺ That’s when being in that “have to” mode is OK to at least give you that initial push. But I agree with the approach of going about it with the aim of making an impact in others lives. Absolutely!

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