Why You Should Incorporate Your Casual Life into Your Platform

If you’re like me and you’ve pursued a business that usually requires
a blog…Or you doing something that doesn’t truly line up with
your casual Time…

Wouldn’t it be cool to try to make your business more fun?

If your casual time is the joy of your day instead of your work then
you got problems! The joy should be in your work but if you’re like
“ugh…I gotta do some work today” every time, then that’s no way to live.

Now I’m not saying that work is going to be fun all the time.

But it’s cool to inject some casual stuff in there at times. Things you actually love but sometimes are meant to be a negative in the eyes of the “Lifestyle Kings”.

Why the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Mentality is The #1 Mistake Killing Your Business

Ok…this a post specifically for business owners or those wishing to build a digital presence. So read on if this is you or read on anyway because it’s still very good info…Bryan S Arnold

It’s so easy to tell people what to do with their business. Isn’t it?

You have the knowledge and the skills. You’ve read a bunch of books and know how to get things done. The problem is that you don’t do it.

You don’t start!

You have your business on deck but you never step up to the plate!

It’s easy to yell and scream at your friends and colleagues when they need help. You can give them all loads of advice on what they need to start their business.

But what’s really happening with yours? Continue reading Why the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Mentality is The #1 Mistake Killing Your Business

The Faith to See What Happens

I wish I could be a fortune teller so I could see the future.

It would be so amazing to sit down and already know how well my next book would turn out. And how well my applications would flourish. Or how well my programs, courses and events would do.

Yeah…that would be something.

I would never have to worry at all about anything. Knowing, in advance, how things would turn out would change everything for me.

If I knew something would flop, I’d just scrap it and throw away that idea entirely.

But… Continue reading The Faith to See What Happens

The Pitfalls of Living an Uneventful Life

Living under a shell most of my life has taught some very huge life lessons. Being comfortable with being alone and non-social was the “OK” thing to do for most of my years. Well at least until now…

I can see the errors to living in this manner. I left out a whole lifetime of opportunity skipping events that could have made a big difference in my life. I always thought that I could get by without going out and networking.

Besides, I’m not the “Outgoing Type”!

That’s what I would say to myself believing those were the cards I was dealt. Networking was not for me. It would just be my crutch.

Looking back I can see how much further along I would be if… Continue reading The Pitfalls of Living an Uneventful Life