4 Life Lessons Learned from Chris Brogan’s Digital Marketing Event

It happened all on a whim for me as I browsed through the local events in Boston on EventBrite.  Really didn’t think I’d find anything interesting. But there it was…a digital marketing event featuring the Great Chris Brogan! And it was free! I had to sign up for that right?!

Now if you’re reading this and you don’t know who the heck that is, that’s cool. He’s just the creator of OwnerMagazine and does this: ChrisBrogan.com & that: HumanBusinessWorks.

So for me, this was a big deal as I was eager to pick up some nuggets to help with my aspiring business.

But if you know him, then you see why I just had to go if only for the experience and we will delve into that very soon.

Here’s the thing though…what I’m about to share really has nothing to do with what he talked about.

So why even bring it up you ask?

Well read on and I’ll (hopefully) bring it all together.

So here they are…The 4 life lessons learned from the Digital Marketing Event with Chris Brogan.


Lesson 1. Raise Your Hand First


So after Chris Delivered his amazing presentation..yes most of the lessons were learned after the speech. But he definitely brought the knowledge. Anyway…

I observed everyone in the meeting room was kinda waiting around during the question and answer period.  The moderator was asking the initial questions and asked us to jump in whenever.

So I did…I raised my hand first.

Now, if you know me, I never do this.  I’m that shy guy who waits till maybe afterward to ask the question in person.

But this me unshelled now. So there is no more waiting or hesitating. I jump to the front of the line now.

So my hand was raised and I asked a well researched question I thought. The question was about writing productivity and why he wrote 2-4k words a day…but that’s not the point.

The point is with me being first, that speaker never forgot me.  I would be the person he would remember as asking the first question.

This is awesome!

So by raising your hand first, this first lesson gives you immediate relevance to people that are important to you.


Lesson 2. You just Never Know


This Lesson states that you just never know how an event like this one can affect you.  I honestly just came to hear Chris Brogan speak. I did that.

But here’s what else happened. I met other people, just a couple but enough form some reasonable relationships.

I wasn’t expecting to network but I did and I may even work with some of them to help in my business. Sounds corny, I know, but you just never know where one of these relationships can take you.

Even if you’re shy like me, you’re bound to find someone just like you that you can talk to and relate. So don’t underestimate this network thing. It can really be a game changer.

Lesson 3. Get Something Together


So here’s the other thing about networking at these events. It would be nice to have a business card or some type of spiel about what you do. I was a bit lacking in both but I pulled or more like played it off.

So I suggest have something together to make yourself interesting at these events. Now this was a business event so business cards are the norm. This may not be the case at other events you attend.

At the very least, have a thirty second spiel about who you are and what you do. You can get by with that. But get something together!


Lesson 4. How Quickly Things Come Together


Here’s the last lesson and it’s still along the lines of being prepared.  You see a funny thing happened after the presentation.

I broke through one of those barriers, got up the guts to talk to Chris Brogan and ask another question on writing productivity and blogging.

Now I can tell you that he touched me in a very special way but that wouldn’t sound right so…how about he inspired me greatly that night? Better? Eh? Anyway…

Here’s where the inspiration came through…He simply asked me to contact him later (as he passed me his stellar looking business card), give him the url here so he could read my blog.

And that’s it. I was really touched, no…grateful for the gesture!

Now that could be a lesson on how to inspire someone but that’s not the lesson I’m getting at here (but you can use if you want as a bonus lesson).

The lesson is…my blog was not even halfway ready to be seen as I’m in transition from my ProfitPathz blog to this one.

This blog was a mess a few days ago…let me tell ya!

I literally had one page…The default homepage!

But boy…how quickly things come together eh?

With a little inspiration, you can do things quick fast in a hurry. And while the design of this site is far from my liking, that’s ok.

The point is that I was a bit content to see it in disaster mode believing it would take forever for me to make some real changes to it.

Now I have designers ready to set me up with a respectable design I guess but my mindset was off. I needed that boost and this event with Chris Brogan did just that.


In Summary


So I encourage you to go to local meetups and local events to network and find people that can be important influences in your life.

It might just break some barriers and change the way you do life.

P.S. Yes some of this article was a major suck up to Chris Brogan who will be reading this soon. Don’t judge me! But hopefully he’ll get a kick out of it and you as well.

P.P.S. Correction…I must give props to the Keith Griffis of ifSimply.com…His event featuring Chris Brogan. Making sure I get it right.

Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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