3 Undeniable Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Think You Know Everything

A few weeks back I was told that I didn’t know everything. In fact it was said to me just like this, “Bryan, you don’t know everything!”

It was my mom who uttered these words. And I must say, I became a bit defensive about it to say the least. What does my mom know I thought. Of course I know everything about this anyway…My response, “I know that mom but I know this…”

And I proceeded to tell her how much I knew about this book industry when in fact, I’m not that experienced in the space at all. I was in the middle of finishing the content of my first book at the time. And I just knew that I researched enough and no one was gonna tell me anything different.

I really felt my mom was, you know, not in tune with the culture of today’s book readers as I was…boy what a pompous you know what, I must have sounded like. And of course…

I tried to smooth it over with her afterwards but she wasn’t hearing none of it. That topic of discussion was dead now since I closed my ears to it. The damage was already done. 

And you’ll find out soon that this type of damage will burn you in the end. This is what we’ll discuss in this article today.

We’re gonna go over why it’s important not to think you know everything about anything. There’s three important reasons why you should never feel this way. So let’s get into it…

1. Because You Don’t Want to Be that “Know it All” Person

Well first of all, you never want to be the guy who thinks they know it all.

This person doesn’t get it. When you create this type of person, you cut yourself off from good advice. You also cut yourself off from quality people who may want to work with you. And People you actually need in your life will begin to leave you to your own devices. That’s not what you want.

You need quality people around you to support and help you in your transition to making great changes in your life. Being the “Know it All” person won’t allow that to happen for you.

Because when it comes down to that Know, Like, Trust thing. People will only know you…the other parts of liking you and trusting you won’t enter into the equation. And if the people around you don’t like or trust you, then the people you’re trying to influence won’t either.

There’s no reason to alienate yourself. Let people in and everything in your life will change for the better.

2. Because You Don’t Want to Make All the Decisions…then Fail Miserably

Well let’s say that you really do believe you know it all. You do everything yourself and don’t listen to anyone. You just know that have it all figured out. You work hard on your project and have all confidence that everyone will like it.

That’s when the hammer hits. You put out this incredible project for all to see and it fails miserably. Why?

Because you didn’t listen to anyone but yourself. You thought you had the best idea ever. Trust me, I’ve been there more than you know. I’ve had what I thought were great ideas and they failed…badly.

Because I tried to dictate to people what they wanted.

But only the people can tell you what they want. You can’t force ideas on people and expect them to just take it with a smile. You’ll fail every time.

So don’t think that you’ll automatically know what people want. You may have an idea what they’re into but you won’t know everything. You will only know if you ask. Let your decisions be dictated by what people want then success can’t help but come your way.

3. Because You Really Don’t Know Everything

Here’s a fact. You don’t know everything. Even if you’re the supposed expert in your field, you still don’t know everything about it. You might know more than some. You might be able to teach more about a subject than most. You may even be able to produce more than a lot of people out there.

But you will never know everything. It sets a bad precedent to even say that you do. It will hinder the relationships of the people you need in your life. You need to be open to letting people tell you what they think.

It can’t be your way or the highway. 

This is an internal obstacle that’s easy to break if you’re open to it. It’s a simple fix, so just be open to it.

In Summary…

Open yourself up to sharing your ideas, your creations and your dreams.

Get validation if you’re going in the right direction. And if you are, get feedback to get different perspectives to what you’re doing. It can only help you. I don’t ever see it being anything that will hurt you on your path.

Put some advice in your life. Let people help you with your decisions. And no matter how smart or experienced you are, you can always learn more from the minds of others. Repeat This:  I Don’t nor Will I Ever Know Everything! 

Now you’re dismissed…

Have you ever thought you knew everything about a project and failed? Or have you encountered someone like that? Terrible huh? I’d love for you to share it with me below. And I’ll share one of my own. Why not!

Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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Bryan S Arnold

Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people create permanent change in business and in life. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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