This an Unshelled Announcement…We’re Moving!

I know, I know…but don’t be sad. It’s a good thing for both you and me.

We had fun times but I have to move on. Unshelled was just not right for me.

I needed something with a little more ooomph!

So I have to move on.

I won’t forget you, I’ll still write you every week (if you sign up to the list on this site of course).

Otherwise, I’ll have to end this here. I hope you understand.

So I guess I’ll see you around.

And yes, I’ll at least write one last post to tell you where I am.

It’s been fun…yes?

I’ll see ya soon…!

Anyway…enough of that.

I’m off to greener pastures to create a blog that is more catered to the Startup Scene.

I foresee it being one of the best in the blogosphere before I’m done with it!

So watch for the announcement soon.

Hit me up on twitter: Give me a shout and shout back!

Now I’m out.