Why You Should Incorporate Your Casual Life into Your Platform

If you’re like me and you’ve pursued a business that usually requires
a blog…Or you doing something that doesn’t truly line up with
your casual Time…

Wouldn’t it be cool to try to make your business more fun?

If your casual time is the joy of your day instead of your work then
you got problems! The joy should be in your work but if you’re like
“ugh…I gotta do some work today” every time, then that’s no way to live.

Now I’m not saying that work is going to be fun all the time.

But it’s cool to inject some casual stuff in there at times. Things you actually love but sometimes are meant to be a negative in the eyes of the “Lifestyle Kings”.

How Goldilocks Can Help You Find a Life that is Just Right

I can recall a time when I had a job that was just killing me emotionally. I mean, I was just numb coming into work every day. And there may have been a couple of jobs like this in my lifetime…want to know what that job was?

Customer Service in the Call Center Environment. Awful.

I would come in each day in route to taking 180 to 200 calls a day…every day without fail!

This routine sucked for me. It was only a matter of time before I would have to do something else. Mentally it was draining. Funny thing is that I did this for years. I finally was able to get into another position then another.

But THE COMPANY ended up downsizing my department. And the only position they had open to keep me there was… Continue reading How Goldilocks Can Help You Find a Life that is Just Right